Registering with the Irish Nursing Board

Ireland is currently hoping to recruit hundreds of nurses to fill in for the nursing shortage of the last few years. If you are interested in working as a nurse in Ireland, there are some things you should know.

1) To work as a nurse legally, you must go through the process of registering with the Irish Nursing Board (also called An Bord Altranaís, The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland).  Once application is complete you will receive a special PIN number which means you are active on the register.  This registration must be renewed each year by paying a fee of €100 per year.

2) There is currently a very large backlog of applications at NMBI. They have an overwhelming number of applicants who are registering for the Irish Nursing Board and not enough staff members to deal with the incoming emails and phone calls and inquiries.  For this reason, patience is required, but most importantly, it is crucial that you fill out your NMBI application packet correctly in order to not have any further delay.  This news should not discourage you from applying!  We would like you to have all the information you need and be prepared to wait up to 6-9 months.

3) If you are from outside Ireland, you must go to the NMBI website and download the Overseas Registration Form.  There is a €350 fee associated with this.  Once you fill that in and send it in, it can take a couple of weeks for the application packet to reach you in your home country.  This packet will have many pages and you must read very carefully and provide the correct accompanying documentation.  At NurseIreland, we can help you with this!

4) If you are a non-EU citizen, it is no longer possible to come work as a care assistant in a nursing home until your PIN comes through.  Non-EU applicants are now required to apply for an Atypical Work Scheme Permit, which allows them to come to an “adaptation” – a 7 week clinical training course, before the PIN is granted.  Once that is over, you will get your PIN and we can apply for a 2 year work permit for you.

5) Non-EU nationals must also pass the IELTS Academic Exam (not the General one).  The required minimum scores are as follows: Reading and Listening: 6.5 each.  Speaking and Writing: 7.0 each.  Overall band score: 7.0.

6) Please bear in mind that current wait times for a PIN are now about 6 months, sometimes longer.

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