Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adolescent Mental Health for Dublin


Clinical Nurse Specialist role is responsible for the development, implementation, management and delivery of specialist services in the Adolescent


The Clinical Nurse Specialist will:

  • Enable young people, families and communities to participate in decisions about their mental health needs
  • Articulate and represent young people’s interests in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team
  • Implement changes in healthcare service in response to adolescents needs and service demands
  • Develops relationships that are respectful, empathic and empathic and empower young people to take an active part in their care and recovery.
  • Work with the child / family to elicit their particular needs / issues. They will then advocate these needs with and for the child / family at different forums  i.e. within the Multi-disciplinary team, with external agencies ,etc
  • Provide positive support and build trust in order to allow needs to be clearly recognised. In this process the Clinical Nurse Specialist empowers both the adolescent and their family to become their own advocates (self-advocacy).
  • Involvement in developing and monitoring an external and independent system of advocacy.
  • You will empowers the client in terms of their knowledge and awareness of mental health issues
  • You will facilitate the client’s access to services and entitlements
  • You will empower carers to advocate on behalf of their young person e.g. providing them with appropriate knowledge, information to assist them; introducing and liaising with other agencies and voluntary groups.


The Clinical Nurse Specialist will:

  • Provide teaching, facilitation and professional supervisory skills for nurses.
  • Educate young people, families and communities in relation to their mental healthcare needs in the specialist adolescent mental health area of practice.
  • Identify own continuing professional development needs and engage accordingly
  • Will have completed the appropriate educational requirement for the post, as outlined by the National Council for the Professional Development of Nursing & Midwifery.
  • Acknowledge and take a responsibility for their own professional development in the area of Adolescent Mental Health.
  • Engage in regular in-service teaching sessions and participate in the presentation of relevant topics and journal reviews.
  • Recognise and identify gaps in the clinical knowledge of staff nurses and take action to address these gaps. They will assess the needs of staff nurses in their areas of specialism, design and implement a teaching programme, auditing its impact.
  • The Clinical Nurse Specialist will provide professional supervision to staff nurses in partnership with existing nurse management structures.
  • Supervision of students is part of the role.
  • Education of parents, children and other professionals is undertaken by the Clinical Nurse Specialist on a regular basis.
  • Participation in and provision of in-service training and education both to nurses and other disciplines. The Clinical Nurse Specialist will design and deliver programmes of specific training in their area of speciality, aimed at staff nurses and other relevant disciplines. They will audit the impact of these interventions.
  • Commitment to actively seeking further education and training in the area of child and adolescent mental health research


If you would to find out more information please send your CV to Alan None for a full consultation. 

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