One happy nurse!!!


It was  in February 17, 2015 when my sister and I were hired by the Philippine Agency and NURSEIRELAND in Cebu, Philippines. They hired me eventhough I still had to work on my IELTS. NURSEIRELAND didn’t give up on me and they even waited 15 months for me to hit the target scores in IELTS.

During the interview, Paolo asked me ” Why Ireland? ” . I paused for a moment before I answered him because I really didn’t have much idea about Ireland. However, I just told him that ” I want to go to Dublin where the movie LEAP YEAR was shot.Also,  UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia are too mainstream. I want to be the first among my colleagues to work in Ireland.” Apparently, I am the second nurse from our hospital in Cebu to work in Dublin and the first nurse happens to be my close friend (haha).

I am definitely flying to Dublin today ( December 16,2016) and it is indeed LEAP YEAR. I don’t think it is COINCIDENCE but instead it is DESTINY.

It only took me 6 months to complete the process from NMBI packet application until VISA approval.

I will forever be thankful to NURSEIRELAND for not closing the doors for me to be in Dublin and most importantly for keeping their promise  that I will be working with my sister.

Cherry Ann Tatoy

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